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Hope you can assist.
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Template : JM Painite

My main navigation has been added however no matter what I do I cannot find how to remove the menu item "Painites Color"

I hope someone can assist?

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Profile photo of chavan 100.00 $tone May 31, 2011

Go to this File app\design\frontend\default\jm_painitetemplate\pa ge\ja_vars.php

Find the Following code and replace it


$_params->set('usertool_color', 4); //0: disable, 4: show colors tools



$_params->set('usertool_color', 0); //0: disable, 4: show colors tools

Then Clear your magento cache and browser cache. Painites Color Menu will not be visible.

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Profile photo of Jurie Steenekamp 0.00 $tone June 1, 2011

Thanks a million Chavan, worked like a charm!

If I may ask another question, I would like to add text and media icons etc into the sidebar…how would i go about this?


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