remove + icon if no sub-category

Is it possible to remove "+" icon for sidenav if a first level category have no sub-category?

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Check attached image, "vestion" has no sub-categories, but "+" icon still show out.

Thanks in advanced.

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Hi rogerzhou,

You open the file of skin\frontend\default\jm_ores\csstheme.css adding this css rule

HTML Code: a.toggle{

Then open the file of app\design\frontend\default\jm_orestemplate\catal ognavigation\sidenav.phtml adding this javascript code

HTML Code:

                          <script language="javascript">
    document.observe("dom:loaded", function() { 
	      jQuery("#ja-sidenav li.level0").each(function(index,item){
		     if(jQuery(item).children("ul").length <= 0 ) { jQuery(item).addClass("no-child"); }

I hope that helps !


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