Removing JM Tabs / Product Slider from Home page

Attempting to remove the product slider (Newest, Best Seller, Sales) on the Home page by turning off JM Tabs in System > Configuration leaves a blank spot on the page where the slider used to be. I would like to remove that entire block along with the empty space.

I tried to both delete/comment out the code for "mass-top2" in CMS > Pages > Home page > Design > Layout Update XML. However, despite saving changes and refreshing the page, the code always reappears.

Is this something I need to edit in the actual XML files? Or perhaps I am missing a simple configuration somewhere that can remove that entire block, including the empty space?

Update: I managed to figure out why it wasn’t saving my changes. The Content for the Home page is blank, which was preventing my changes from being saved. By adding a "space" to the content, I was able to save my changes.

However, the empty space still exists after removing the code for the JM Tabs/Product Slider block. Please help me remove one of the two gradient separators between the "top banner homepage" and "company logo" blocks!

Last Update: Figured it out. After disabling JM Tabs in the back-end, I inspected the leftover element on the page. Found the offending CSS in styles.css at line 7415 -- commented out and works like a charm.

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