Scerif quickstart not working

I followed the quickstart installation guide that was linked in the scerif user guide, and it didn’t import any sample data. Only the template.

Does the quickstart for scerif work? It actually didn’t even load the site right, it didn’t place any of the modules.

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I had uploaded just the quickstart folder, however that didn’t work. I noticed there was a second, seemingly identical within the one I had uploaded for whatever reason and that worked.

However now I’m wondering if it’s possible to disable the bottom half of the product slider? I only want that main top part not the "hot products" tab at the bottom.

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Hi again,

Do you mean that you wanna remove the second slider named Hot products? If so, please go to Backend > CMS >Pages > Your homepage and remove the content inside as this screenshot

And let me know if you need further helps.


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