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In JM_Wall home page, when it scroll to bottom of page, new product loading, my question is:

if it is possible for me to add a "view more" link in bottom, when customer click "view more" link, it loading more products.

Thanks in advanced.

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Hi rogerzhou,

yes, it’s possible to add a view more link at bottom, you can back-up the file of skin\frontend\default\jm_wall\js\wall.js then replace it by my attachment file here .
Then you open the theme.css file skin\frontend\default\jm_wall\csstheme.css adding this css rule at it’s bottom

HTML Code:

 .masonry .item-more {
                 background: none repeat scroll 0 0 [URL=]#000000[/URL]
                 bottom: 0;
                 cursor: pointer;
                height: 60px !important;
               width: 100% !important;

I hope this help, you may also need to restyle this item-more tag to get it look as you wish.


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