Second Attribute dropdown cannot be selected first

I have Magento CE 1.8.1

I have configurable products with Colors an Size.

In the product details page I have the attributes in this order.

Now the issue…

As a customer, if I click the Size dropdown first, nothing happens. The Size dropdown does not display the list. Nothing drops down. In other words, the Size dropdown is locked.

As a customer, if I click the Color dropdown first and select a color. Then the Size dropdown gets unlocked and I can use it.

I have seen some other Magento forums where users have this issue.

When I tested this on the Live Demo for MegaMall here I don’t see this issue.

Try on this produt…ar-s-toys.html

Any suggestion will be appreciated.


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Profile photo of Vijayesh Sainju 0.00 $tone June 4, 2014

Thanks Lee Seoki.

I wonder why Magento has it that way.

I also noticed another issue.

This is only in IE browsers with the configurable products.

If I select a color and then select a size.
Then if I change my mind about the size and wish to select another size from the drop down, I am stuck.
The Size dropdown is stuck.
I have to click outside somewhere and then only I can select the Size drop down again.

Profile photo of Seoki Lee 1510.00 $tone June 5, 2014

I think that is very reasonable. For example, when selecting a shirt, first you often choose color and then the salesperson will tell you they have size for this color.

With IE, please re-check. I can’t see that error.

Profile photo of Vijayesh Sainju 0.00 $tone June 6, 2014

I have tried it on two different IE’s.
One was IE 11.

After selecting the size, I cannot change my mind immediately and choose another size.
I have to click outside the Size box and then click the Size dropdown again.

What IE did you see it work on Lee?

Thanks again for your response.


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