Second picture not showing on IE8

I have a problem with the module. Slideshow does not work properly in IE8 and when I use Animation Type: FADING -- is does not show second picture. I had to change it to MOVING to make it work.

But both works on Mozilla. Is there a IE8 fix? I hope you can help.

Site is here:

Here is a direct link to a page where I set the module to FADING so you can see the "error".…mid=93&lang=en

Thanks alot.

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Hi jeppson

I have checked our demo template but could not find this issue.

Maybe it only appears in your website

For the reason, please kindly install this module again. Maybe you changed some code.

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A suggestion: verify that all of your files are uniform in size and format, 72 dpi resolution and cropped to the size of your slideshow module BEFORE you upload them to your site. Also verify that your file extensions match the file format. REmove unused files from your slideshow image folder. These tips may not solve the issue of an absent image file when you run IE, but they will definitely improve the performance and speed of your module.


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