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Hi again Mall,
Just for info, do you have service for a full migration service from magento 1.9 to Magento 2.2 with full server configuration.
Something like that :
Step 1 : Configuration required for our server :

Webmin + virtualmin

Nginx (with pagespeed module and GEOIP module) + php-fpm + opcache + php 7


SFTP server

Set up Magento 2.2 with Redis, Varnish and Nginx as SSL termination to obtain best performance with good TTFB (time to first byte) with tuning of the server (ulimit, nginx conf file, php-fpm conf file, my.cnf tuning, etc…)

Configuration of Magento 2.2 to use native multi-website functionnality.

Phpmyadmin with secure port

(Open to other suggestion if you think we can obtain better performance with other solution like apache web server or percona database)

Mail server : Postfix (with DKIM) + Dovcot with roudcube

CDN configuration

Security configuration : iptables + fail2ban + antirootkit scripts, etc …
If you have, please can you send me a quote for this setup.
Step 2 : Migrate the data : i’m already customer of your UB data migration pro, so I think this step can be achieve in few hours => can you send me a quote for this.
Step 3 : Migrate the design : we’ll switch from ultimo template in magento 1.9 to claue design (need to reconfigure the differents blocks / pages and menu to the new template)

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Hi Florent, 
Thanks for your trust and your interest in our custom service. 
It’s pity that our team is almost blocked with our current pending projects, we’re afraid for not being able to handle your full migration inquiry.
Regarding your data migration question, please follow up further with us via this ticket
Thanks for your understanding.
Ubertheme team


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