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When you are in a sub-category, the UB shop by menu filtering options disappear, how do you enable filtering for sub-categories.
Here is an example:
In the Main Category the filtering menu displays fine:
However, in a sub category -- When you click filter menu -- no options are displayed, even though the products have attributes:
How do you display the attribute filter/ubshopby in the sub categories?

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Profile photo of fairscan 510.00 $tone December 13, 2015

is there any update on this question?  We have many sites in development that we plan to use this theme for and they require to be able to filter in their sub categories.

If filtering in sub categories isn’t available then we will need to look at other themes and that is a decision we need to make in the next 48 hours.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Profile photo of Man 410.00 $tone December 14, 2015

Hi fairscan,
To solve the issue as you said, you have to set ‘Is Anchor = ‘Yes’ for the category which you want to show the filter.
See more at:


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