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Hi Uber, 
First off, your designs are awesome! I really like them. I want to get the full developer package but have some concerns about site speed. Here are my questions:
1. Given that my site is properly configured at the server level (dedicated webnodes, with SSD, 16GB memory, NGINX, Redis, memcache, etc. etc.) I’m currently under >1 second page load speeds with native Magento’s theme. Can your themes handle 20k+ products in a catalog or will it be completely unusable? Do you guys offer support for optimizing themes to ensure very fast page load speeds? This is the #1 fear I have using your themes, long page load speeds.
2. If you guys can’t offer services to speed the site up, if I purchase the Developer Package, could I have a Magento partner optimize the codebase for site speed?
3. How do you guys handle other 3rd party modules? Do you have customizations around other modules?
Again, you guys do some cool work but I want your awesome design + blazing fast page load speeds!

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Thank you for raising your questions. We already have custom services for what you want, but to estimate the time and money, we prefer to have a very detail and have a closer look on your site. I suggest to have the following solution for this
1.Purchase our product and you have right to use it for 7 days, if you are not happy with our services or product you can request a refund
2.Install the theme on your site
3.We need to know you request of optimization : loading time?
4.Which third party you want to custom  and what is your expectation
5.Provide us the information to access your site to have the a closer look on your site for the estimation
Looking forward to hearing from you


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