Slideshow image Cache is causing headaches for Two days now.

Does the Slideshow have its own cache folder anywhere? I am having too many problems updating images to the slideshow. Its happening with Trex , Haga and I havent tried the other magenta stores yet.

Each time I upload new images to the slideshow folder the images do not update. All the other images for the banners etc update immediately, but not the slideshow. I have tried clearing the following:
In magenta admin I ‘flushed’ ALL the cache links given there. I also tried DELETING the cache and session folders in the var folder. I also cleared the cache memory in Firefox and in IE. I even opened the site in chrome for the first time and the old slide show images are still there. Surely the images are either in the slideshow folder or in the cache?? Where else could they be??

I need, or would prefer to delete the cache manually for now. Would be obliged if someone could tell me where the cache folders are for the slideshow images.

Found the problem, in case anyone else goes through the same:

The images for the slideshow are all resized and saved in the folder: media/resized/media/jmslideshow

I deleted these ‘resized’ images and the site images updated immediately.

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