slideshow no random with last version (2.6.2)

Hello, we made the upade of "JA Slideshow Site Module" to version 2.6.2.

But now the random parameters (sort order) doesn’t work anymore.

First image, second image, etc… are always the same !

Do you have a idea to fix this ?

(Joomla 2.5.14)

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Leo Burnetts 0.00 $tone September 24, 2013

Hi dieudonne,

In this case, i suggest to check out the image type of the images that the slideshow modules is getting source from, make sure the lowercase in the image type’s name. i.e: The image should be: image.jpeg, image.png; not .JPEG, . PNG.

Note: You can send me PM with your website’s credentials if the issue still persists. I will help to check it for you.

dieudonne 0.00 $tone September 24, 2013


thank for your answer.
It is working very well before the update.
And here is a screenshot of the files’s name. I think it is ok.

I can’t send you the path for this website, because it is a intranet.

Maybe uninstall and reinstall it …?

update :
uninstall and reinstall change nothing.
roll back to previous version change nothing (2.6.1, 2.6.0, 2.5.7, 2.5.6).
change image source folder change nothing.
changing a lot of parameters change nothing.

Leo Burnetts 0.00 $tone September 25, 2013

Hi dieudonne,

We already checked out the JA Slideshow 2.6.2 on our JA University template 2.5.14, then slideshow module still works fine in displaying the selected images from the source folder. Here is what i got on our demo:

In this case, the temporary solution is rolling back to the old version of JA Slideshow module which it runs correctly on your website. Going ahead with other section developments of your website, then when the website is going to be online, you can send me the admin login info. I will back to check this issue again if exists.

Leo Burnetts 0.00 $tone September 26, 2013

Hi dieudonne,

Thank you for uploading the test site and sending me PM. Well, I have already checked out the JA Slideshow module again on our JA University and another template, the Sort Order parameters (Random, Descending) no longer work well on our templates. In this case, i will transfer this issue to our dev team for the bug fix in the next update of JA Slideshow module. You can track on the work flow at

dieudonne 0.00 $tone October 7, 2013

What’s happening ?

We updated to the new version 2.6.3, and the bug is not solved !


You have successfully upgraded from version 2.6.2 to version 2.6.3 at 07 Oct 2013, 12:19:47

What can we do to fix this quickly ?


Leo Burnetts 0.00 $tone October 8, 2013

Hi dieudonne,

The recent update of JA Slideshow module just included the bug fix of "Show video" feature that has been newly added to module since the JA Muzic template release. Anyways, I already set the issue status to "Urgent" so that our developer will prioritize to check and fix it. Hope you can wait some time.

dieudonne 0.00 $tone October 10, 2013

Yes, thank for this.

But 2 weeks and no change at all. Relax attitude…


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dieudonne 0.00 $tone October 14, 2013


apparently there are some changes on JIRA, but, sorry, I don’t understand :

Leo Burnetts made changes -- Tuesday 9:40 AM
Assignee MoonSailor [ vutd ] Thanh Nguyen Viet [ thanhnv ]
Leo Burnetts made changes -- Tuesday 9:30 AM
Assignee Duong Nguyen Van [ duongnv ] MoonSailor [ vutd ]
Leo Burnetts made changes -- 26/Sep/13 4:42 PM
Security Private [ 10003 ] Public [ 10002 ]
Leo Burnetts made changes -- 26/Sep/13 4:42 PM
Field Original Value New Value
Assignee Tien Ha Cong [ tienhc ] Duong Nguyen Van [ duongnv ]

The "assignee" has changed ?


Profile photo of Saguaros 0.00 $tone October 16, 2013

Hi dieudonne,

Here is quick fix, please take a backup of old file first and download > unzip my attached file into /modules/mod_jaslideshow/helpers/ folder. Then clean all cache.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes

dieudonne 0.00 $tone October 16, 2013

Ahhh yes it is working very well !

Thank you so much for this fix. And don’t forget to put it in the next slideshow update



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