Some Helpful Magento Learning Resources

Since it’s introduction several years back, I have always personally felt Magento to be a much superior shopping cart application than VirtueMart. Out of the box, the open-source Community Edition of Magento (at the time of this writing, v1.5.1.0) is -- in my opinion -- the most feature-rich and professional looking/feeling shopping cart of it’s kind. Unfortunately, there has always been one drawback . . . Magento’s amazingly complex file structure.

It’s pretty much been the thing that had most intimidated me from diving in … until I came across the first of two FREE tutorial series that broke things down in a way someone like me who IS NOT "joe programmer" could grasp and finally understand. I thought I would share this resource with you all in the hopes that it might help some of you who might be having a little difficulty working with and/or customizing your JM themes.

There are TWO tutorial series on this topic (the second of which is still "in progress) . . .

1. http://developer.practicalecommerce….ne-Prolegomena

2. http://developer.practicalecommerce….Theme-Part-One

The value of these two tutorial series is the pace and detail in which the presenter goes through the various file paths and code sections for customizing a Magento theme. If you decide to take a look and take anything away from it, my hope/intent is that it will be a better gasp of how to navigate through the Magento file structure maze and be able to more readily access the files/code you need to achieve your vision.


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