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We have the site on shared hosting at Hostgator.

In each category we have about 3 configurable products with 2 options (colors and sizes).

The category pages take about 5 seconds to load.
After enabling the cache the site is a little faster.

However, the Quick View pages just freeze. The first page shows in about 3 seconds but when you click the arrow to the top left of the Quick View pages, it just freezes.

If it takes 10 seconds or even 20 seconds, I can say speed issues.
But it freezes completely.

Any suggestion?

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Profile photo of Ziven Staff 92760.00 $tone May 14, 2014

It’s to figure it out the root of issue now.

Please PM me your site url, admin and FTP credentials, I will investigate further.

Profile photo of Seoki Lee 1510.00 $tone May 19, 2014

It’s not the speed of Quick View. Actually, displaying configurable products with options on one page can be problem because Javascript in Magento is setup to work only with one configurable product. So when showing them on quickview, it has problem. You can enable console to have a closer check.

Profile photo of Vijayesh Sainju 0.00 $tone May 20, 2014

Lee, the problem is that the issue is random.
In some categories, it seems to work fine with configurable products. In others it doesn’t work after the 2nd click.

Profile photo of Vijayesh Sainju 0.00 $tone May 20, 2014

I noticed the price also does not change in Quickview if the product attribute option is changed.
It changes in the regular product detail pages as needed.

I guess the QuickView has bugs as you mentioned.

Is it a Magneto bug or a template bug?
Just curious.

How do I disable QuickView?


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