Spotlight module and "Advance product kit" empty…hlight=beuvema

I did a new install, with the latest version, and all is working now.

Regards beuvema

At least, that is what I thought….

yesterday eavening I changed the original titles to their dutch equiv’s, all seemed to be working (also after cache refresh etc.) but this morning I noticed the same problem again.

-- "JM Products Spotlight" remains empty ( )
Error on the page: The product list is empty

-- "JM Products Slider" remains empty ( )

As you can see I entered values under "Categories ID" which exist as a category
-- Category 18 ( )
-- Category 10 ( )

Also tried adding a new category (37) and using it as Category to display, without success.

I am clueless, please advise…

Regards Beuvema

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