Stock Status and Advanced Inventory not avaialble

Hi Mall,
We are having another issue with imported data. “Stock Status and Advanced Inventory” option is not available in Magento2 Back-end.
Please advice.
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Hi asadyar,

But do we need to strictly follow the attributes order in attribute set. I have 49 attribute set. It would be a tedious work. is there any exception or minimum required.

With your migrated Attribute sets, it would be best if you can compare the default M2 attribute set and see which Attributes groups/Attributes you should keep.

1. Will Delta import work from live database new copy??

-- You proceed delta migration right on the new clone of M1 database on your dev server
-- Or you proceed delta migration directly from your M1 live database (recommneded for your case)

2. What if I found issues with imported data during development should I do the reset and import again or start from scratch

You can do the reset. Please note due to the data table relationshiop, you might need to proceed additional steps.

3. Can I Install magneto 2, setup all the required base configuration e.g. store name, currency setup, install all required extension and theme and than do the data import.

You should do steps as bellow:
Install fresh Magento 2 > Install our UB Data Migration Pro > Start data migration with our tool (full steps) > After data migrated is completed, you can start with settings for your site: store name, currency…. And install theme, extensions…

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Hi asadyar,

For delta import my plan is the same to clone the database on dev and do the delta import. Will that work?

Yeah, you can do that.

Please explain if we get into that .html.html issue how we can fix it.

That because the url_path of your products migrated conflict with new working rules of Magento2.
To solve that, after migrated you can run bellow SQL in database of your Magento2:

UPDATE url_rewrite SET request_path = REPLACE(request_path, '.html.html', '.html');

Find the attribute_id of the attribute with code `url_path` and entity_type_id = 4 in the table `eav_attrribute` in your Magento2 database.
And replace that id to below SQL: (replace to ATTRIBUTE_ID)

UPDATE catalog_product_entity_varchar SET value = REPLACE(value, '.html', '') WHERE attribute_id = ATTRIBUTE_ID;

And run the SQL after you have changed.
And clean the Magento 2 cache.
And tell me know if you need further assistance.


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