thumb_invisible.gif missing, could you send one to us, please?


I am using JM Tyrolite theme for our store and today I checked our error log find that there are file does not exist: skin/frontend/default/jm_tyrolite/joomlart/jmslideshow/css/thumb_invisible.gif,
referer: skin/frontend/default/jm_tyrolite/joomlart/jmslideshow/css/jm.slideshow.css

And I checked jm.slideshow.css find that:
.jm-slide-thumbs-handles span {
background: url(thumb_invisible.gif) no-repeat;

And there is also followed images missing:
1. skin/frontend/default/jm_tyrolite/images/arrow.gif
2. skin/frontend/default/jm_tyrolite/images/bullet1-hover.gif, referer:
4. skin/frontend/default/jm_tyrolite/images/btn_trash.gif, referer:
5. skin/frontend/default/jm_tyrolite/images/bullet_plus.gif, referer:…84/category/5/

So is there anyone could give me these images then we solve that error, please?

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Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone April 8, 2013

Hi herahairsalon.

Don’t worry about those missing files, those files are no longer need, I will check and let you know where to remove in the css to get rid of missing messages


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