Tier pricing not showing on product list home page

Tier pricing not showing on product list home page. We are a wholesale website, I need help setting up Tier Pricing on the home page!!!!!
I am at cms/static_blocks/UB Techzone -- Best Seller 
I see show_price=”1″ I try to change it to show_tier_pricing=”1″
However it does not work
<div class=”best-seller-products-slider”>{{block type=”joomlart_jmproductslider/list” name=”trending.jmproductsslider.list” height=”215″ width=”215″ mode=”latest” category_ids=”5″ quality=”10″ show_price=”1″ show_desc=”0″ show_cart=”1″ show_read_more=”0″ single_item=”0″ number_items=”4″ number_items_desktop=”3″ number_items_desktop_small=”2″ number_items_tablet=”2″ number_items_mobile=”1″ auto_run=”1″ slide_speed=”200″ stop_on_hover=”1″ show_navigation=”1″ show_paging=”1″ enable_lazyload=”0″}}</div>
Please help!!!!

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Profile photo of Ziven Staff 84830.00 $tone December 2, 2015

Hi Carlos,
It will not work. Because the extension only supports for a show the price. You must buy the customize for this talk. For next time, we will try to upgrade it more perfect. 
Hope you will understand.
Best Regards,


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