Hello guys!

I am using Asenti,

I just run quick install, but as soones I created a new category and added a few products, for some reason the products on Statick block called "Today

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Hi rcerrato,

Please go to backend settings of these static blocks > Content sections. With ‘Today’s Special’ for example:


<div>{{block type="joomlart_jmproducts/list"  name="home.jmproducts.list" title="" mode="latest" catsid="8" height="160" quanlity="4" width="160" perrow="4"}}</div>

make sure that you input correct ID of category you want to display within this block in param: catsid
and the same with Most Wanted block

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Thanks Saguaros!

The code was already there, I did not changed,, I just created a new category, put some products into, and then,,
slide it to the top, so it can be the first category on the list.. thats all i did after installing the template.

I am PMm you the credentials if you could please have a look.


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Thanks so much Saguaros..

please explain me a little more about this..

If I make changes on catalog (categories and prod) would I need to reindex every time?

What was really missing on my side?

If I change the category in the static blocks, would I need to reindex again?

thanks so much again!.

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Hi rcerrato,

Usually, re-indexing is final step if I face with the same problem . If you make change the category in statics blocks or you are in development state, please disable cache (goto Backend > System > Cache Management > Select All and disable). If products still not update in frontend, try to re-index it.


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