Translate ajax "That's all we have for now."

I have 2 problems with Aroma.
1) I cant translate the expression “That’s all we have for now.”
2) in Greek always the last letter is a strange diamond question-mark
You can see both in the screenshot below
Thanks in advance,

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Regards change the language: please to end the file: /app/design/frontend/default/jm_aroma/locale/el_GR/translate.csv 
and you will see it.

In this site we have and a third issue.
In megamenu as you see
the url in category with id 11 is “proionta”
but the mega menu displays for the same category when i choose it from dropdown the url “products”

Please explain more detail. I’m not sure your mean.

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First of all i would like to thank you,

In this site we have and a third issue. the url “products”,

For this we found the solutions, by truncate the core_url_rewrite table and reindex,
The second issue is the one that remains about the diamond question-mark

We disable the description from this module but we still have it above to other module

Thanks in advance
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Hi Alex Asimakopoulos,
Currently i don’t debug in your site ( i edited the file but I don’t see any change on your website . Please recheck the information of your FTP credential.
Best reagards,
Kan Lee


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