I’m using megamall so I found no file/way to translate the "quick view" button.
Does anyone have a solution?
Thank you in advance

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Go to this FIle: app\design\frontend\base\defaulttemplate\jmquickv iew\list.phtml

Find this code


<span><?php echo "quickview"; ?></span>

Replace quickview with any text you indent

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It is in the Js and this text cannot be translated, we must do a hard code this text.

send me the text for quick view for all language and post your site Url , admin details and ftp details in PM

I will do that for you.

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Very difficult and long to explain all!
As "quick view" was defined in jmquickview.js and was not possible to use php in .js file so main idea was to put jmquickview data in quickviewhead.phtml file and to define "Quick View" as <?php echo $this->__(‘Quick View’) ?> in javascript code from there.
After it becomes possible to create translation in Mage_Catalog.csv
2hours of work minimum


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