I installed the quickstart theme with the 3 languages english/french/german.
My default browser language is french and the default language for the site is english.
German and french translation work properly but english not at all.
Some part of text are translated in french even if the selected language is english!!
If I comment the app/locale fr-FR the english language works properly!
The only possibilty I found is to re-translate manually each text displayed in french !!
Is it a magento 1.9 functionality issue, theme issue or both?
Thanks for your answer 

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Profile photo of Seoki Lee 1510.00 $tone November 14, 2014

No, magento works fine with multiple languages. I’ve check with our quickstart, it works fine too:
Do you re-index data on your site via your site’s back-end? I would be best if you could send me your site’s url, admin and ftp credentials (in private), and illustration screenshot.
I will help to debug.


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