Tried to Uber Data migration tool zip, not downloa

Hello Support,
I have purchased and tried to downloaded Dtata migration tool of M1 To M2, it is downloaded but files is not supported any type of format.
So can you please provide the zip for the same or help me to how to download in zip format.

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Hi there, 
Could you please try to download again? The download package is a zip file already. 
Our other users have been downloading and using our migration tool smoothly so far. 
If you have problem with downloading, please try a different browser as well. 
In case you still fail to get the download package, please do let us know.
Ubertheme team

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Hi Norbiz,
Glad that you get the file. 
Please follow strictly all steps in our Readme.html that comes packed with your download package. If you have any technical question when using our product, please submit a new ticket or get back to us via this thread, we will help you out.
Ubertheme team


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