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You have an offer now that reads with the purchase of the UB Mega Menu, the UB slider comes for Free . 
Where do I see the slider plugin download details ?
UB Content Slider will be added to your profile for FREE once you purchase one of the following Magento 2 extensions:

Dates: 24 November — 27 November//
Christos Katsafados 

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Profile photo of ubdev Staff 98370.00 $tone November 26, 2020

Hi Christos Katsafados, 
Thanks for your purchase. 
We’ve just activated the download access for the UB Content Slider accordingly. You can get the module from your profile now. 
PS. We’ve just introduced the new UB Atoms theme structure here, please take a look in case you’re interested. 
Ubertheme team

Profile photo of ubdev Staff 98370.00 $tone April 7, 2021

Hi Christos,
We’re sorry to bother you again. Last week, we tried to reach out to you via email regarding the project using our UB Mega Menu module.
Our team is trying to put together a list of Magento 2 use cases using our mega menu module, we’d like to ask for your permission to feature your project (that integrated our UB Mega Menu module) in the curated listing.
The showcase is aimed at providing reference resources for all users at Ubertheme who start a new Magento project.
So, we hope you will consider and let us know your feedback at your earliest convenience.

Ubertheme team


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