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Profile photo of tomc 0.00 $tone October 1, 2009

They’re alpha testing Magento 1.4 at the moment -- I’m just hoping the upgrade from the previous version to the new will be as painless/seamless as possible.

One thing’s for sure, working within the Magento file structure and framework is a completely different ballgame.
Taking a while to become accustomed to it . . . slowly but surely.

I am liking many of the extensions that are being developed -- many good FREE ones available as well (between the core and community extensions). See MAGENTO CONNECT

sbaldwin 0.00 $tone October 23, 2009

Hi Tom,

I was just reading up on Magento and wrote to my host to find out what I would need to prepare for possible setting up a shopping cart site using Magento. They said it’s bit "resource intensive" and I may exceeed my shared plan as Magento is extremely resource intensive (both CPU and memory) becasue of the unoptimized scripts. Perhaps in time it will get better. I’m also confused as to , does it cost over $8,000.00 per year if I host it on my exsisting hosting plan?

I’m thinking now because of my hosting service response is to use a "regular" JA template and installing Virturemart as I actually going with Shirnetwork which already has Virturemart anyways. They are working on Manegto connector but not ready yet.

Anyhow sorry to ramble on, but my question is basically this, does yourself or anyone know if I an can install Virtuemart using a "regular" JA template (not Mangento) for this pupose, as not mess up the layout of the template regular JA template? I’m leaning to JA Sulfer (non Magento of course)

Thanks so much for any help as I’m a bit confused on this!

nefar 0.00 $tone October 23, 2009

The high cost per year is for the enterprise version. You would use the community version which is free. From what I’ve seen seen shared hosting usually does not allow you to run it or will tell you to much resource and you need to upgrade to vps or dedicated. From being at their forums it seems they know their code is not really optimized for resources but just don’t care. They already figure it will be more "large scale" clients have dedicated more then small mom & pop net stores.

Virtuemart can be installed on any Joomla back-end and it won’t "screw up your layout" but you would have to do some tweaking to make it match whatever template you use.

sbaldwin 0.00 $tone October 23, 2009

Thanks Nefar, great info! Not sure what the enterprse version is but I can go read up on it. Do you know of any good hosting companies that host VPS? PM me is fine. Right now I cannot not afford the dedicated server for awhile yet.

In your opinion would it be better for me to pick a JA Shopping cart template or does it matter and both would work? Thanks again for you help!


nefar 0.00 $tone October 23, 2009

Assuming you have a decent shared hosing company, you will probably be fine with the virtuemart setup. I would only get a vps if you really need it or are moving to magento. I’m starting to lean towards Mag myself I’m getting fairly tired of virtuemart but that’s just me. As for hosts if looking for a shared Magento hosting I think has a shared Magento plan.

As for VPS I can’t personally vouch for any hosting company.. The VPS that I have access to is a buddy of mines and I don’t even know what company he is using. The prices all seem to be around the same though around 40 a month. I use lunarpages as my shared linux host and thought about upgrading to their vps package but I won a free year of hosting from them recently so letting it ride for awhile lol. When the time comes though I think I will spend a good amount of research on which company to go to for a VPS even though it’s "private" you are still on a shared enviorment so need to find out what exactly the caps are for use.

nefar 0.00 $tone November 17, 2009

Ended up having to install an older version of php on VPS which put in range for magento. Just got it installed rememberd this post about the migration tool. Got all geeked up to move products over quickly for a test, then found out it’s not a script it’s a pay service lol.


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