We are face issue in mobile ub mega menu.

Hello Team,
We are use the UB mega menu in Magento 2 setup. But face issue on mobile safari browser scroll menu then open child menu.
please check the below video.
Thank you

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Profile photo of ubdev Staff 78820.00 $tone February 10, 2021

Hi Bhavesh, 
We wonder if you have another paid profile at Ubertheme. Please help to submit a ticket under the profile you purchased the module. 
We’re sorry for this additional step since our technical support requires an active subscription. 
PS. Our team is having a 7-day national festival starting from 10 — 16 Feb. We will be off in three days (12, 13, and 14 Feb). For the other days, our technical team will follow up on your case if you reach out to us during this time. However, it will take us a bit longer for each turnaround. Our apology for the unexpected delay caused by this. And thanks for your understanding and support.

Ubertheme team 


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