What happens on the frontend when json db is updat

What happens on the frontend when the backend is running the cron to update the json DB with current product attributes?

Does it just use the ‘old’ information until the update is done?   Is the update doing line by line so it’s live as it goes or does it completely rebuild?

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Hi Bryan, 
We’d like to clarify that once you make any key changes to your products like product description, stock status, price changes etc., and click Save, our UB Instant Layered Navigation automatically updates such changes to json file. Hence, the frontend will get the latest products changes instantly.
The cron job is to update full data changes, including the key product changes above (price, stock status etc.,) and complemetary changes (like rating, reviews …). However, while the cron job is running, your storefront already has the latest key product info changes (price, stock status etc.,). Once the cron job is completed, the rating/reviews etc will be updated accordingly.
That means the cron job does not affect your storefront. And your storefront still use the latest key product info (with price, stock etc. changes) and ‘old’ complementary data (Rating, review etc.,).
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