Where do I load Statcounter andGA code now?

I use Statcounter as a tracker and also Google Analytics but since installing the Easy Shop theme both have stopped working.

The Statcounter code and the GA code is added in Magento in the System —-> Configuration —->General —--> Design and in that part in Misc. Scripts.

Now in the Easy Shop this has stopped working so I can only assume it does not now touch the main page html.

Can someone tell me where to place my statcounter code, all of our SEO decisions are tracked and based on this valuable data.



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Profile photo of chavan 100.00 $tone June 9, 2011

Please post your analytics code either in head.phtml in the following path


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Profile photo of Iain Tozer 0.00 $tone December 3, 2011

Long time has gone past as I have been busy but I have just now added the code to the head.phtml and have waited for the usual midnight update from GA and… it looks like it is working! I will keep you posted.


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