Where translate "Success Page" Messages

Hello again,
where translate in success page:
“Thank you for your purchase” and “We are processing your order now, here are the details:”
Not work in app/design/frontend/Ubertheme/atoms/i18n/de_DE.csv:
“Thank you for your purchase”,”Vielen Dank für Ihre Bestellung”
“We are processing your order now, here are the details”,”Wir bearbeiten nun Ihre Bestellung, hier Ihre Bestelldetails”
“We will email you an order and pick-up confirmation with details.”,”Wir senden Ihnen eine Auftragsbestätigung mit Details per E-Mail zu.”

best regards

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Hi Robert,

where translate in success page:

Please navigate to your M2 Admin > Ubertheme’s Extensions > Theme Helper > Configuration > Ub Atoms > Pages > Checkout Success and update the messages here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j3ypurjuhg4q8vr/2021-07-27_08-19-35.png?dl=0
Then flush the Magento cache to apply the changes. 

Best Regardz,

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Hi Robert, 
Please discard our previous reply #1 above and provide us the information of your instance, we will check and resolve the case: 

  • URL and admin credentials of your M2 instance
  • SSH credentials of your M2 instance
  • Let us know the path to your M2 folder

Please make sure you mark your reply private or switch this ticket to the private mode. Then it’s safe to share your site info here. Only you and our technical team can access it. 
Ubertheme team

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Hello, the situation has not changed, my customer does not want to pass on any login data.
Solved the problem myself:
copy into the child theme from the main theme (atoms)
Folder: Magento_Checkout
And folder: Magento_InventoryInStorePickupFrontend
Adjust the success.phtml file in the template directory:
<h1> <span> <? = $ title; ?> .. and <p> <? = $ tagline; ?> </p>
change to
<h1> <span> <? = $ block-> escapeHtml (__ ($ title)); ?> .. and <p> <? = $ block-> escapeHtml (__ ($ tagline)); ?> </p>
PS .: Info for you, it’s Atom 1.0.1, same situation in Atom 1.0.2
Best regards

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Hi Robert, 
We’re glad that you sorted it out at your end. 
We’ve already updated the UB Atoms at our end to fix the issue you mentioned and will have this available in the next release of the theme. 
If you come across any other issues, please get back to us here. 
Ubertheme team


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