Only a few parts on your Magento page bears more influence on conversion than your landing page. In here lies the portal to your specific call-to-action (CTA), be it promoting conversions or simply getting your visitors to sign-up.

Contrary to regular homepages, landing pages are rather simple and more direct. By reducing the details that are usually found on a homepage such as the company profile and contact information, your Magento page get streamlined into what really matters -- conversions.

Several successful companies have effectively made use of landing pages. Lead generation statistics show that 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to garner future conversions. To explain how to effectively optimize your Magento landing page and set it to a grand take off, take note of these pointers. Continue reading

Conversion Rate Optimisation

You have just started your online business. Kudos to you for taking this brave step. What you have before you is a long haul towards the very future of almost all trades. Now, you may be wondering what else you can do to boost your sales. Compared to conventional businesses, straight-forward advertisement to hasten up your return of investment is not always effective. Optimizing your conversion rate requires more than just reaching your conversion goal. As an e Commerce businessman, you need to know your way around the basic strategies and tools. This will serve as the foundation of your company before the shifting tides of e commerce gets the best of your company.

First of all, invest on a good set of power tools to gather datas you need to effectively optimize your website. This article will discuss five important tools that, altogether, lay the foundation for a solid conversion optimization strategy: Continue reading

How many times were you stuck with a decision in picking up right Magento theme for your online store? Having too many options, many beautiful Magento themes out there in the market, it’s hard to decide which theme you should go for.

In this blog post, I am going to share 9 tips that may be of help to choose the right eCommerce theme for your online Magento store.

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For those who own a Magento eCommerce site, choosing payment methods and implementing these methods properly are really vital.

As an open-source eCommerce platform, Magento fully supports resourceful payment methods. You can offer your customers different types of payment flexibly: either payment through the bank, the cash collecting agencies, PayPal, Amazon or Google, nation-wide or overseas. Those methods are ready to be set up in the back-end of Magento core.

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Dec 30, 2016 Update
UB MegaMall for Magento 2 is now available -- Check out Live demo.

So you own an online Magento store and wonder if you should go mobile and join the Mobile Commerce (m-Commerce). The question here is: is your store ready yet?

Using our Magento responsive theme -- MegaMall as the illustration, we will analyze the theme and walk you through some of the points that you should take into consideration when prepare for m-Commerce.

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