UberTheme team has the mission to create the most professional & versatile Themes & Extensions for Magento eCommerce. We are experienced developers who have been breathing Magento since 2009 from the house of JoomlArt.com.

Our core values

1. Professionalism

We should be! This is the main reason why the boss hires us.

2. Passion

We are sorry, Professionalism. Actually PASSION is the main reason.

3. Commitment

It’s not about creating a site makeover only, we would love to re-craft your store with the most impressive and versatile eCommerce Magento themes from us. Besides that, we hard work to make sure your desired theme fits in your site seamlessly.

What matter to us most

1. Are you guys happy with our products?
2. What else can we do to make you happier?
3. How to make you a loyal user who comes back to grab even more themes?

What do we want from you?

Communication. Please TALK!
Should you have any question, please ask.
Should you need any support, please request.
Should you are interested in anything new and exotic, raise your voice.

We do believe that discussing means opportunity for improving. Help us please! 😉