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We deliver beautiful & unique Magento themes to make sure you find a perfect theme for your business.


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We produce Magento themes with advanced & useful extensions to strenghthen your online business.


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We make it easy for you to customize theme settings from colors to layouts through our robust Basetheme.

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We offer you Quickstart package with which you can instantly build your site like our demo.

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Our professional Support Staffs are always ready to support you.

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Cross-Selling and Upselling: The Marketing Combo You Need to Know

“Would you like fries with that?” The existence of this very question for decades proves that shoppers are not at all that stiff with expenditures for added value. The fact of the matter is that a decisive customer is a rare phenomenon in the real world and much more so in e-commerce. A study conducted on customer behaviours reveals that shoppers are more vulnerable in cashless purchasing transactions. With online payment as a major factor, once a customer is set for an item purchase, the seller bears the biggest opportunity of maximizing sales.

To make the most out of this trend, cross selling and upselling techniques, when used properly, may work as a charm for both your Magento store and your customers. You may have heard of these strategies. A basic knowledge of this marketing combo can do much mutual benefit for your company, your customers, and of course, your ROI. Continue reading

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