adding a column with right and left bar

at the moment i have all my links such as my shopping cart offer image on the left column bar which makes it look crowded , is it possible to create a left and a right column bar so some stuff goes there as well

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Which page you need this layout. Since there would be 3 column layout for this. for category display as 3 column go to Admin -- catalog -> set 3 column for each category

For Pages : go to Admin -> CMS -> Pages

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yh i tired doing that but all it does brings additional columns to the left side barAttachment 18143 . i want it in a way that i can put stuff in my left and right side bar like 1 of your template JM Purity which the cart is available on the right and some stuff on the left i was thinking that 3 columns would do that but its not working

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I’m not getting what you really need. you need 3 column layout on all pages ?

If so you need to change all the xml file in the layout folder

check for root template in each file and change it to 3column.phtml

Thats it


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