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I’ve just started using JM Purity (I switched from JM Tube as I was finding it far too slow for my use) and I’m having trouble with something fairly basic and wondered if anyone could help.

On a Product Page you have the various product attributes displayed, short_description (displays as Quick Overview), description (displays as Product Description). All working fine.

What I want to do is add additional Text Area attributes so I can break down product information further than by using just a Short/Long description. So to this end I created an attribute with the following parameters:

Attribute Properties

Product Code: product_features
Scope: Store View
Catalog Input Type: Text Area
Default Value: Blank (None)
Unique Value: No
Values Required: No
Input Validation for Store Owner: None
Apply To: All Product Types

Frontend Properties

Use in quick search: No
Use in advanced search: No
Comparable on Front-end: No
Use in Layered Navigation: Greyed Out/No
Use in Search Results Layered Navigation: No
Position: 0
Allow HTML-tags on Front End: Yes
<b>Visible on Product View Page on Front-end: Yes</b>
<b>Used in Product Listing: Yes</b>
Used for Sorting in Product Listing: No

I then added the attribute to the product’s Attribute Set.

Whether Used in Product Listing is set to Yes or No doesn’t affect whether the attribute is displayed.

When Visible on Product View Page on Front-end is set to Yes, the attribute is displayed, but under an Additional Information heading, like this:

My question is, how can I get this additional attribute to display in the same way as the Product Descripton, as a main heading on a product page? I want the attribute to be hidden from view if it’s not filled in.

Any assistance greatly appreciated, this has been doing my head in all afternoon.

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Profile photo of tomc 0.00 $tone May 10, 2009

Will this work with Magento or just Joomla/VirtueMart?

Ahhhh … my bad, I didn’t pay attention to it being a Magento theme.

Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone January 28, 2013

Hi dongagon,

What do you mean by "how can I get this additional attribute to display in the same way as the Product Descripton" ? Could you add here a screenshot that show me the way you want the attribute showing ?


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