After install, some issues…

First of all congrats to JA team, I am very pleased to be your customer, your work is amazing!

About my problem, I installed the template and works fine but:

-- How I put Popular Search, RSS and Support Center dynamically? If I edit footer.phtml there are some commented content but I want to put blocks. If I activate JM RSS Reader yes, it appears at that position but the other blocks, how to show it?
May I edit xml?

This image have some positions but how define blocks to that positions?…_use_guide.jpg

-- The above questions responds to all others, so JA feels free to help me and sorry my english.


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Profile photo of Diogo Almeida 0.00 $tone December 26, 2009

I was stressed out but then I remember how Magento works, the references…

Well, a quick question: this template rewrites price layout of frontpage? Just a doubt because at your demo "special prices" doesn´t appears.


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