Cant load the theme correctly


It seems that i havent been able to effectibly tell magento to load my theme for the web site i am working on. i have changed so far mostly the images that need to be change. I haven

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Hi jrubi,

I’m afraid that I’m not so clear with issue you mentioned above. Could you detail it for me? Did you make changes in something (images/css/js) and those changes do not take affect ?


Here is the thing. I will try to be as clear as i can.

I made my folder for the APP and SKIN. The app works just perfect. It shows what i want it to show. In the Skin, i can get the logo, and watermarks images. The rest, doesnt even show. I dont have a menu (home, contact us, or the style), nor anything. Its just like the "theme" is not even loading. I get a basic magento website.

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Hi jrubi,

I dont have a menu (home, contact us, or the style)

I guess you did install the theme and extensions manually, do not install the quickstart package, right ? if that the case you should follow the theme’s userguide here to make setting it correctly, you can share with me here your url , I will take a look and might I see what’s wrong with it ?


No… i didnt install it, since its my first time using it, i paid you guys for the installation (not very proud to admit it) After i try to set the theme with my images, it just stoped working as it should.

Right now in the url i got is redirected to another page. To one that looks similar to what i intended. and says that the site is on construction seens i dont want people looking for it when i am still working on it.


Some more info. i just made a change in the error page… i translated the text, and changed some images.

All the data did change. But still the front end desing, look, color, doesnt read as it should.

I do think its that is not reading the template. still looking for my error somewhere.


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