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I made a post on September 24th asking Could someone please tell me where and how to change the template color? I cant seem to find this anywhere. the color changer show on the menu, I want to remove that and change the color to green.

I received this reply back: ja news2 module, right side.
section ID: green
(let`s say your section ID 20, => 20:green)

I then replied: Can please provide me a step by step path to reaching that area because I don’t see that in my admin area

Thanks you
But I still have no reply as to how to find this information above, while in the admin panel I cannot find this path could you please explain how to get to this information I really want to change the color of this store template.
Thank you.

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You can change the colour by going to the following file:

You will see this line:

$_$_params->set(‘ja_color’,’default’);//default, red, blue

Change ‘default’ to ‘green’.


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