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Hi everybody,

Is it possible to show embed video from Youtube, in a seperate tab beside "Information" and "Additional Information"..??

I have created an attribute called ‘video’ where I can put the embed code from Youtube.. I would like to have this shown in the tab..!!

Now I have to create a file called video.phtml, but what code should I use..??

Anyboby have a solution for this..??

Best regards,

Jonas D. Morbech

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May I know which theme you are using? It would be best if you can share screenshot with explanation on what you want to achieve. I will take a look and give suggestion then.

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Hi Nicky,

I use JM_sporty and have the online site here:
I have created two tabs, "description" and "additional description" as you can see on this page:×42.html

Now I would like to add another tab, called "Video", where I can show embed video from youtube..

I have created an attribute called ‘video’, where I was thinking to put the embed code from youtube..

I am thinking to add a .phtml file called video.phtml and place it in app/design/frontend/default/jm_sporty/template/catalog/product/view/ but I dont know what the code in this file should be, to be able to show the video..

Then call the tab in app/design/frontend/default/jm_sporty/layout/catalog.xml

I hope this makes sense, it’s difficult to explain..

Best regards,

Jonas D. Morbech


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