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There is an issue with using custom links in the MegaMenu. For example, I have a custom menu item with the custom link brand. When I click on it from the home page, it goes to However, if I access it from another portion of the website, it’ll append to the end of the current page (, and getting me to the 404 page. Is there something that i’m doing wrong?

I am using the latest JMegaMenu and I am on Magento 1.8.1.


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Hi John,

With ‘custom link’ type, you could try to include the base_url of your site into the link: base_url/brand

I just added for you and it seems to work now, please have a look.

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I have just had the same problem on my site -- some of my menu links were working fine from home page and cms pages but broke when I tried to access them from a shop category or product page because the link was appended to the shop category.
My solution -- put a “/” in front of your page name in the Megamenu Link field.  If your menu is linking to a page called “page1” then just putting “page1” in the link box will work only if you are on a CMS type page.  Fill the link field with “/page1” and it works every time for me.  
Hope that helps?

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Hi Ziven
Thanks for your reply.  I had already tried adding links the way you suggest and just couldn’t get it to work!!
My solution of adding a “/” in front of your_link seems to work for me, so I just fill /your_link in the Link field and all is well.
The only problem I have now is that the titles in the menu don’t change colour to reflect the selection.  It is fine if you click a menu item linked to a category, but for a menu item with custom link it doesn’t work which looks a bit rubbish.  Any suggestions on how to fix that?

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Hi Martin Davy,
Please stay email i will send you package JM MegaMenu. Please try update it and use in struction from me when you upgraded.
Best Regards,


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