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In magento 1.4 there’s a section for setting "custom variable". It seems to work on CMS page and on email template.

Is there a way to integrate it on product page ?

Ex: I’m making an html table that i want to include on some product page, (whitout programming), i’m making a "variable" insert my html block, then i want to include it on my product description.

{{customVar code=taillehomme}}

Thx for help

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Dear mediacrea,

I am sorry for not being of much help. I recommend that you keep contact with the Magento’s developer for assistance.


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tried but no answer, do you test the widget section on magento ? It seems that we can create widget instance that can be use outside CMS pages, but it didn’t work for me, even with the default theme.

Can you try it and give some feedback ?



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Hi tienhc,

I’ve already be in this page.

Ok, for widget, it’s working on modern theme 1.4 but i tried on JM_LEAD and it was not working.
I use latest quickstart for jm_lead

Think something is missing for making widget to work.

When i’m creating a block with theme default/jm_lead, design package theme select is grey and display : "please select"

For "Custom variable" in product page, I did’nt find how to use it.




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