Demo isnt working for me when it collapses

Tried your demo on IE, firefox and chrome with the same results. When you make the windows smaller, the top megamenu bars ( next to the WallStore header), only click open and show the menu items for the ‘first click’. It doesn’t open when you navigate around the site and then go back to click it . Also, the megamenu items ‘categroy items, about us, customer services) dont work. Nothing is listed under these menu items (in smaller windows). (Menus work fine in full size windows only). Maybe part of the same problem, but when the megamenu bar link doesnt work, the logo doesn’t link back to the home page either.

The second problem is the form entry boxes in Login/create account forms are far too big and extend outside the fames, and don’t collapse when the windows are made smaller.

Otherwise a really nice template.

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Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone November 2, 2012

Hi Maz001,

Thank you for your feedback and being with us
This is a beta release so probably there are some problems/bugs still there, we would take note of your mentioned problems and get them fixed into the stable version !


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