Few Issues with browser other than IE 10


I have been testing the jm_sporty with all the browsers.
There are few issues.
1. I have added a facebook login button which works perfectly in IE10 but in other browsers Login Text goes to next line.

Internet Explorer 10
Attachment 29666

Firefox Browser
Attachment 29668

Chrome Browser
Attachment 29669

Issue No 2.
There are Some of the Menus Are missing in other Browsers than IE 10

IE 10 Menu
Please Look at the attachments.


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quanpa 0.00 $tone August 28, 2013

Hi Akshay,

With issue 1, you can add the following css code into file : skin\frontend\default\<jm_sporty or your theme>\css\style.css

PHP Code:

.shop-access .links {

With issue 2, I’m checking and give solution to fix it soon.


quanpa 0.00 $tone August 29, 2013

Hey !
With Issue No 2. You create megamenu incorrectly, the tree menu of HEAD GEAR should like the following:

PHP Code:

Head Gear
Competition Head Gear
Sparring Head Gear
Multi Purpose
(MixMartial Arts
  Taekwondo Head Guards 

You access megamenu manager and set for Head Gear and all child items of Head Gear attribute Group is No

Problem of Login & Register Links: I checked links and they function correctly

I don’t have account on your site, I click link for Login, after clicking Create An Account, fill & Submit. You can check Customer in backend.
User: quanpa@joomsolutions.com

Profile photo of Chaitanya Badhe 510.00 $tone August 30, 2013

Nice, that’s great.

Thanks a lot for the efforts & help you have given me.

After your 1st solution the register & login links started working (Still don’t have any idea why it wasn’t working)

As I was testing some more I came to know one more Issue.
When I Create a configurable product with different prices, On front-end when I select the different sizes price do not change.

You can have a look at this following link


Profile photo of Chaitanya Badhe 510.00 $tone September 4, 2013

Hi Quanpa,

I am following the same method of creating products. As described in documentation.
Flushed cache many times but still no luck.

Attachment 29862

Where as I have managed to find myself a new problem.
I am using this Indian Rupees Symbol but in the drop down of this product it is showing "&#8377 " Which is UTF-8 code for INR symbol.


Attachment 29863

quanpa 0.00 $tone September 5, 2013

With Glove Type : Velcro, I select it and see price of product on frontend changed. You need fill number price into field Price, I see your image only have price for Velcro.
With Indian Rupees Symbol, you can check it in System -> Manage Currency -> Symbols. If page 404 not found returns after you click Symbols, you access to app\code\core\Mage\CurrencySymbol\etc\congif.xml

PHP Code:



PHP Code:

<currencysymbol before="Mage_Adminhtml">Mage_CurrencySymbol_Adminhtml</currencysymbol

or you can install extension help you manage currency, it’s free : http://www.magentocommerce.com/magen…y-manager.html


Profile photo of Chaitanya Badhe 510.00 $tone September 10, 2013

Yes Sir the issue is solved.

When I tried yesterday it was not working.
I cleared all cache & flushed the cached pages at my cloudflair too but was not working.

But I am very happy that it is working now.
It brings more sense to the products I am selling.

Thanks a lot.


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