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Hi guys,

Yesterday bought JMTube, what a nice template…! But some questions/problems are rising, hope you can help me/correct it.

1. Cannot display the menu on the left side correct. When placing a category in a category, there is no arrow next to it and it does not show that is a category in a category.

2. My first category is moving to the left, also only in IE7

The regular button has an arrow pointed down (for collapsing) on every page, also when there is nothing to collapse. Only the home button is correct. It’s confusing for the visitors.

Hope you can help me (or the designer .

For examples see attached files or the site:

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Profile photo of Corine Stelpstra 0.00 $tone May 8, 2009

Is there some official support? When I pay 200 USD for an template, I guess there will be some support? I dont expect answer within an hour, but three days? Please?


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