How To Enable Template Path Hints in Magento

Making your way around Magento’s file structure can be a real pain. When you think you’ve found the correct file to edit … you find out that youo have to edit four others. This can be very frustrating until you enable a little thing called Template Path Hints.

Template Path Hints are little tags which would lie on top of your shop frontend. These little tags enable you to view where exactly the code of a specific element is stored within your file structure. Template Path Hints can save you a whole lot of time and frustration.

How to Turn On Template Path Hints?

  1. Open the admin control panel
  2. Open the system tab and select configuration
  3. Select Main Website or Name of your website (NOT DEFAULT CONFIG) from the Current Configuration Scope drop down
  4. Select Developer on the left sidebar
  5. Open the Debug drop down
  6. Set Template Path Hints To Yes
  7. Click on Save Config to save down your changes

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