I still can't access my new download are you sure it's not your problem?

I have tried again to access the download I paid for today but still getting page not found/server 500 error every time.  I have tried downloading the bookshop package I bought a few days ago and that still works fine.  The package I bought today just won’t work.  I need you to sort this immediately please as  have to get another site live or tomorrow.  Do you have another mechanism for sending me the package, or can you provide me with another link?  
By the way, your website does not load properly in any browser I have connected to any of the 3 networks I can access so I still have a suspicion that all is not  on your hosting platform.  I am right in saying that you have had major problems your servers over the past few days aren’t I?
I just need my download -- now!!

  1. Profile photo of Martin DavyMartin Davy 260.00 $tone January 22, 2015
    Just tried again on a different network using a Mac and same problem. Your ubertheme website won't load images and download won't download. I really don't think the problem is my end.

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Profile photo of Ziven Staff 100660.00 $tone January 26, 2015

 Hi Martin,
Sorry for about delay message. Because we are updating server and some file will have been not found. 
Please try go to the link and download it http://www.ubertheme.com/profile/oysterbandit/downloads?download_id=447
Best Regards,


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