JM RSS Feed Error: It's not possible to reach RSS file…

I just installed the JM lead Magento template and i’m getting an error on the home page at the bottom where it says JM RSS Feed

It says: Error: It’s not possible to reach RSS file…

Anyone knows how to fix this?


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Profile photo of Css Magician 0.00 $tone November 10, 2009

Dear seanm,

I am terribly sorry for my delay. But I think problem is you link rss.
Could you please post a ticket and send us your live URl, ftp and adminitrator account , we could have closer look on the issue.

Profile photo of JA Developer 0.00 $tone December 31, 2009

Hi mitchwoods

It is so hard when i don’t have your information for checking

Please submit a ticket, send us your live url, admin account so that we have a closer look on the issue.


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