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Just purchased JM Bookshop and I wanted to use Magento but can someone confirm this theme has been tested with this Magento version?

The first issue I’m getting after doing a manual install is " An error occurred when Creating the profile" when I try to Save Config in Admin > System > Configuration > JM Base Theme


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The last version update that is currently listed is for Magento -- Release date: 10/Jan/14

If you decide to test it out, make sure you have a COMPLETE BACKUP of your site FIRST

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It seem relate to the permission of files/foder, please try to set the right permission for this folder: /app/design/frontend/default/jm_bookshop/profiles/ as well as all of files/folders in it’s sub-folders, just make sure that they are writable.

And this JM Bookshop is compatible with magento 1.9 already.

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Thanks for the replies guys,

I ended up using the quick start and this is already updated to as well however the documentation via here seems to be slightly outdated as does your advice above as the theme now appears to eb called jm_book rather than jm_bookshop so for others having permission issues make sure you change permissions at app/design/frontend/default/jm_book


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