Major problem with all magento templates

I noticed this some months back and thought it may have been a fault on my part, then I tried this on other JoomlArt templates and…there seems to be a major issue with EVERY single Magento template by JoomlArt. There is a permissions problem in Admin.

No point in giving any demo links because the problem affects ALL templates and is only happening in Magento Admin and does NOT affect the front end designs.

Please try this for yourselves. I desperately need a solution for a client who needs to allocate different admin permissions to members of his staff, so they can only access certain parts of Magento Admin and not his customers or orders. Magento allows this, BUT all JoomlArt templates are affecting this process.

The Problem: Is in Magento/JoomlArt Permissions

1. Upload ANY JoomlArt Magento site.
2. In Permissions/users create a ‘second’ admin user. Say for example ‘ADMIN2’.
3. In Permissions/roles create a new ‘role’ say ‘ROLE2’
4. Assign this new ROLE2 to ADMIN2

Everything up till this point is fine.

The problem occurs when the ‘ROLE RESOURCES’ are changed for ADMIN2

5. IF we allow ‘ALL’ resources for ROLE 2 , then everything is again fine
6. IF we select ‘CUSTOM’ and choose and tick which resources (including or excluding JoomlArt stuff) we want to allocate to ADMIN 2 and save our selection, this is what happens:

The MegaMenu, Basetheme etc options are listed in the custom roles selection page, but no matter what options you select… the problem is persistet and as follows:

When ADMIN2 logs in, THE MENGAMENU DOES NOT APPEAR IN MAGENTO ADMIN AT ALL’. Nowhere!. No matter what one does, its gone. It just disappears.

The megamenu options reappears in the top menu if we change CUSTOM back to ALL in resources, but disappears when we change the resources. Also if the super admin (me) logs in the MEGAMENU appears to me. (as super admin, I have ‘ALL’ magento resource permissions)

This means that my client cannot create multiple admins and give them different permissions to in Magento Admin. For example, an Admin2 user cannot change megamenu items, because he simply can’t access it!

Please need your help desperately.

Many thanks.

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Profile photo of mazhar shah 100.00 $tone March 17, 2015

Unfortunately I didn’t implement this earlier. I need to do it now on about 7 sites. The download you sent contains complete megamenu files, but updating every site with so many files is going to cause a problem. There is also a read me file in there which is quite confusing too. Only a couple of lines, but no indication of what needs changing.
As you know, the problem is ONLY in the magento admin. Can you please advise me which files to upload in the admin section to to update the megamenu so the permissions issue is sorted. I presume its only in the app folder, or am I wrong.
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