Mega Menu is not working in responsive views

Hi. I just installed jm-trex and when I try to use the Mega Menu in any of the responsive views (tablet or mobile), the button of the menu doesn’t work.
Could someone help me with these please?
Here is my website so you can check it

  1. Profile photo of Joey DifloeJoey Difloe 210.00 $tone November 13, 2015
    It's not working for me either

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Profile photo of Ziven Staff 100280.00 $tone November 17, 2015

Hi Raul,
Now it’s working fine: 
The files changed.
Please let me know if you need help further.
Best Regards,

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Hi, I bought the JM Bookshop-Responsive in January 2016 but the menu don’t work in iPhone 6. Can you help me please? I saw that you resolve the same problem with Raul Angeli replacing the files offcanevas.css and offcanevas.js. Also, the FontAwesome icons don’t appear in the Head barre. You can check it at

Profile photo of Ziven Staff 100280.00 $tone August 10, 2016

Hi Dialoguenet,
I have changed the file /domains/ and this like you want to fix ?
Please let me know.
Best Regards,


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