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Hello guys!

I have this challenge..!

I need to identify a best way to access remotly the product database for external inventory management.

also an external application will access the Magento product database and make inventory adjustments..

can someone please give ma guide what might I need, or where to find more refference related to product access remotely?

if there is an extension that can bring this, will be excellent!

best regards and thanks to all!

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Hi ruku again,

I’m afraid that we don’t have extension /application to function that. Did you try to search at Magento Connect or post thread in magento community forum? I believe people there can give you some advices.


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Thanks Saguaros!

I ended by shoosing this tool which seems to offer a lot of features, that will take me forever to develop.
Store Manager for Magento.

I downloaded the trial version, but is giving me some troble to set the connection to the Magento Database.

I have with me the details for database, user, password, encription key.. but there migth be something I am doing wrong..

Can I just PM you my connection details for you to give it a try?

best regards!



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